“Just having celebrated my 45th birthday, I found it quite entertaining that I’ve been ‘carded’ twice this month. Both times the person asking to see my ID made quite an exclamation when they saw the year of birth on my drivers license. I’ve been getting regular IPL treatments this past year and obviously my skin is in great shape as a result!”

“I was one of those teenagers that would drown my skin in baby oil to get the darkest tan possible. I had no idea I was poisoning myself. Now in my mid-forties, I had sun damage to my face, neck and chest. I also had some dark pigmentation on my face following the births of my two children. After only 2 treatments of IPL, the texture of my skin, which had been somewhat rough before, was now smooth. The dark spots faded, and, as I continued with treatments, my cheek became smoother and all the blotchiness was gone! People comment on how beautiful and young my skin looks since my IPL’s.”
– TW

“Since I have been coming to Dr. Benest & Dennie for IPL and Collagen, I have seen a huge improvement in my skin. I get complements frequently that I look younger, healthier and more happy. I am overjoyed with the care and thoroughness which all the staff extends. I have referred others to this office and will continue to do so.”
– RD

“Looking for youthful skin and beauty at the counters at Bloomies? Nordstrom? Clinique? Le Prairie? Forget it! Just come to Dr. Benest office and let Dennie use her ‘magic’ IPL wand (follow up yourself at home with a complete skin care line from Dr. Benest’s private stock). Without a doubt, my skin looks flawless!”
– SF

“I had skin damage caused by many years in the sun. Specifically, I had freckling, discolored spots and fine lines around my eyes and mouth. I felt the sun damage made me look older than I wanted to look. After IPL, the freckling and discolored spots were gone and the fine lines were improved. It was amazing! Three months after my fifth procedure I continue to notice positive changes. The texture of my skin is smoother, yet feels thicker and healthier.”
– PM

“I am in my late 50’s and I started having attention on my wrinkles. The photorejuvenation handled the sun damage on my face and chest.  After two treatments of the Photorejuvenation and Polaris lasers, people started noticing a difference in my face. Several of my friends asked me to sign them up for whatever I was getting!  These treatments have helped me to feel better about my skin and I no longer have attention on my face!” 
- JA

“I am 35 and I have always looked my age.  I have had four photorejuvenation treatments and in the past two months I have been asked for my ID three times!!  Each time the person who carded me said that I look like I am under 27!  The redness is gone and my skin tone is radiant. My friends tell me that I look well rested and relaxed…like I just got back from vacation.  I love these treatments!”
- RM

“I was recently at a party and saw friends I hadn’t seen in 6-7 years. One woman kept staring at me, not recognizing me. I re-introduced myself to her and she said, “It kind of looked like you but you looked so much better! You look so different!” I had received IPL treatments on my face and the ‘rugged’ look of pigmentation was greatly diminished. Also my freckles were considerably less – almost gone.”
– NV

“It is not only the skin on my face, neck, chest and hands that look younger and more refreshed, just walking into the office lifts my spirits. It is like being in a community of caring people. I keep looking for excuses to walk in the door because I know I will be showered with warmth and will leave with more bounce in my step.”
– JB

“I had a bright red nose for years resulting from a surgery. I always wore make-up to cover it. Even after the first treatment, I could go without make-up. I had extra benefits as well, as it cleared up some brown spots on my cheeks and my skin looks more youthful. But the real benefit is no more make-up! “
– S

“Because of the amount of sun damage (as a teenager) and small broken blood vessels, I was told that IPL would help me. People noticed (without knowing that I had anything done) a difference in my skin after the very first visit. Now after 5 treatments, my skin looks healthier, more vibrant, less wrinkled and clearer.”
– CM

“IPL has given my skin a creamy, soft look. My lines have been softened a great deal and my brown spots have been completely eliminated. The result is that I look younger and have just about a flawless complexion.”
– E

“Since I have been getting IPL, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my skin. The texture is smoother and much more even toned. I had sun damage and acne scars which have been dramatically reduced. Fine lines around my eyes and mouth have also diminished. I recently had my make-up done by a make-up artist and she told me that I didn’t need to wear foundation. In the past, I used a lot of make-up just to hide scars and even out my skin tone.”
– MR

“Until we started the photo facials and Polaris treatments, acne scars, ruddy complexion and sun damage have plagued me.  Those are all a thing of the past, thanks to you and the treatments.  My friends, family and even the check out ladies at the supermarket have all commented how good I look and what a difference it has made.”
- EH

I have definitely noticed an improvement in the texture & amt of wrinkles after my photofacial treatments, particularly in my neck, which is what I was most concerned about in the first place.  Everyone in the office is so sweet and so caring, always concerned about my comfort as well-being.   I love coming to this office.  
- JD